Our Story

Whilst the business as we know it today really found its feet in 2010, a good story should always start at the beginning. So, let us take you back to 1980, when Brian Smith, Jill Smith and David Goodfellow first founded a specialist PR consultancy that quickly gained a reputation for great copy and technical know-how in the world of construction.

The future was written in 1985 when Cathy first joined the SG team as a young graduate, with ambitions to be a writer. Starting simply as a receptionist,  little did she know that one day she would own and manage this well-respected business. Over the years, her passion for PR and intricate knowledge of construction ensured that her clients, colleagues and associates within the media sought her out to draw upon her expertise.

When the former owners started to wind down the business with a view to retire, there was only one thing for it. With the support of her partner, Paul, she jumped in to take the reins and they became the proud owners of Smith Goodfellow in May 2010.

From there, the pair have steered the business through the stormy seas following the 2008 recession, coming out the other side with a vast amount of knowledge, resilience and belief that we can offer the industry something truly unique. The evidence of this journey is visible in our brand today, through our close-knit team, loyal client base and encapsulated in our new logo – a copper crane symbolising uplift, collaboration and innovation.

What drove us back in 1980 is what drives us still:

  • A passion for good, clear communication.
  • Using our skill in the service of our clients to help them thrive and grow.
  • A deep understanding of how the built environment can affect people’s lives.
  • The creation of a supportive community, not just a great team.

What’s in a name?

A lot of people ask us why we are still called Smith Goodfellow instead of Barlow & Barlow, or something short and trendy, like Tea PR.

We did discuss changing the name at one point, but we just couldn’t think of a better way to sum up the legacy of authentic professionalism, creative communication and strong media and business relationships that still form the cornerstones of our mission today.

So, Smith Goodfellow is here to stay! (Though our friends call us SG…)

You can read more about our branding journey over on our blog.

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