Our Impact

Here at SG, we care about this beautiful planet we call home and the people we share it with. Our ethos has always been one of ethical practice and putting people first but, as we grow, we want to do more.

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As PR professionals to the construction industry, we have an important part to play in promoting and demonstrating environmental, social and economic sustainability. The construction industry has the potential to be a powerful vehicle for climate and social action, creating accessible spaces that operate more efficiently, last longer and meet the needs of local communities. The PR industry is equally powerful in its distribution of information and position of influence with clients. As construction PR specialists, we therefore have a unique opportunity to be part of a powerful movement for change, both as part of the construction supply chain and through directly working with clients to recognise and address impact in a meaningful way.

We also recognise that one of the biggest ways we can make a difference is to lead by example, showing even the smallest businesses that owning your impact and working to make it a positive one can be profitable and rewarding.

We know we are far from perfect, and we want to be transparent about that, demonstrating that we recognise our flaws and sharing the journey we are embarking on in response to them. In this way, we hope to show that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about making the effort to improve.

Sharing our journey

Here you will be able to see the steps we are taking and the progress we are making as we continue this journey. You can read our latest Environmental Policy here and, we’re thrilled to share our first ever Impact Report below.

SG’s Impact Report 2021

Below, you can flip through our 2021 Impact Report to discover more about our journey and our business impact as it stands. You can also download the PDF here. (Please note, if you are using Safari, you will need to download the PDF to view it in full as it will not display fully in the browser.)


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