About Smith Goodfellow PR

You can read a bit about our illustrious history here if you wish, but this is who we are now – a small team with a wide vision and big scope.

It works because we have a highly dedicated core team of PR professionals, working with a much bigger team of trusted partners.  We each bring particular skills and strengths to the mix so that we can offer a full and exceptional service to our clients.


Cathy Barlow

Managing Director

Cathy has worked for and with Smith Goodfellow PR for many years, starting as a receptionist in 1985 in the hopes of being taken on eventually as a writer.  Within a year she was  managing her own client account (SFS Stadler) before a change in family circumstances led to her becoming a freelance writer.  After a number of years of different work, including freelance and voluntary roles she returned full time to SGPR as an Associate Director in 2003, finally taking over the business with her partner Paul and becoming Managing Director in May 2010. Cathy is an Accredited Practitioner with the CIPR.   She is renowned for her copy writing skills and for drinking vast quantities of mint tea in the course of the day.

Paul Barlow



Paul joined the Board of Smith Goodfellow in 2010, after a 26 year career in local government. He brings a wealth of experience in management skills to the company, along with a talent for creative thinking and a very practical understanding of the construction industry (he was a qualified electrician before Stockport MBC called).  Paul is also the mastermind behind many of our charity campaigns. Other fun facts: He is an avid music and football fan, he also likes to get out climbing whenever he can, but can generally be found online taking part in one of the many social media platforms he uses.

David Heil

Associate Director

With a Masters degree in GIS (Geographic Information Systems – I know, we had to look it up too), and joined the team in 2011. David has mastered the art of PR, taking on responsibility for writing press releases, technical articles and ably handling a number of client accounts and campaigns. Dave is the go-to guy when it comes planning pitches, analytics, typography, and organising exciting team outings. He is an Accredited Practitioner with the CIPR, as well as a member of the PRCA.  He is also a keen football fan; his presence has led to some lively banter in the office about the relative virtues of Manchester United (David) and Manchester City (Paul). He also loves the theatre, drinking craft beer, and spending time with his new puppy.


Kelly Oldham

Digital Media Manager

Kelly started in 2014 as Accounts & Office Coordinator but she found she enjoyed the challenge of adding new tasks to her expanding skillset. She has since passed on the accounts mantle to Adrian and is now responsible for content planning & managing, writing press releases, articles or blogs, press release booking, or carrying out other client work. By night, you may find her planning activities such as ‘aerial swing’, kick boxing, hiking, sewing, creative writing, or working through the growing list of books to read. Kelly also received her English language and literature BA (hons) degree via Open University in 2016, and the team helped her celebrate!

Jodie Affleck Jodie Affleck (supplied)

Account Executive

After graduating with a First in English Literature, Jodie joined us in 2015. Her creativity and desire to organise has helped her settle right into SG life. Her main responsibilities include managing key accounts, coordinating projects, creating content and collating coverage. With a keen eye for detail, she is the go-to person for all things visual, such as client literature and the branding journey.

When she is not exercising her passions in the office, she likes to chill out by writing scripts, learning about colour, going on mini-adventure and being entirely useless at pub quizzes.


Adrian Nash

Accounts & Office Coordinator

Adrian is the newest human member of the SGPR team, joining us shortly after we moved to Stockport in the summer of 2017. He has succeeded Kelly as accounts coordinator in addition to assisting with many other administrative duties. He has an academic background in Philosophy, finishing his degree in 2011.

When he is not diligently working away at SGPR he can be found obsessing about music and irritating his long-suffering wife and cats. Adrian has been playing in a band, Nomads, for five years and they are currently writing and recording their debut album which is scheduled to be released early in 2018. The remaining spare time he has is dedicated to new musical projects which are ambitiously started and then quickly abandoned roughly every 2 to 3 days.

Luna Heil

Luna Heil

Staff Motivation Manager

Luna came to SGPR after deciding it was time to be an independent lady, leaving her litter at the end of September 2017. When she’s not looking after her humans, Luna is performing duties as the chief scratcher, shredder, treat tester, and Health & Safety Advisor (finding hazards, then reporting on them). Once we have her fully trained, she’ll be rivalling Mr Motivator.





This is our core team, but we can offer much more – take a look at our creative partners