About Us

We are a public relations, marketing and creative consultancy that specialises in high-quality, integrated campaigns delivered from an expert position.

But this doesn’t mean we are ‘corporate’. We approach our work with creativity and genuine personality, building strong relationships with our clients and the media based on trust and a mutual desire to show the impact the construction, manufacturing and engineering industries have on our world.


If the Smith Goodfellow team were an item in your kitchen, they would be a kettle. Warm, reliable, bubbling with passion, they are there to celebrate the highs and support the lows.

So, grab a cup and let’s get to know each other.

Mug Shots

Cathy Barlow

Paul Barlow

David Heil

Kelly Oldham

Jodie Affleck

Owen Rowbotham

Adrian Nash

Hayley Mayer

Luna Heil