Work Experience – Macy Affleck

By Owen Rowbotham | July 20, 2018

To start with, the whole world of PR reminded me of the maze that Harry Potter had to go through during the Triwizard tournament. When my sister tried explaining it to me there seemed to be countless jobs that branched off onto other ones – getting deeper into the maze.

But after working at Smith Goodfellow on two occasions and having much more simplified conversations about it, the maze started to become easier to guide my way through. Since starting to understand exactly what PR is about, I have seen past the judgement as it just being “another desk job” and found it more interesting each time. The different jobs mix together and are able to create impressive work at the end. I like this aspect as no one is doing the same thing which makes the whole office idea a lot less boring. With this in mind, considering a job in PR as a potential career path in the future seems a lot more appealing to me; opportunities such as work experience this week have already given me a head start in figuring out the maze for myself and I have enjoyed doing this, even for a short period of time.

The environment is a big change from being at school – but it is a positive one. The office itself has a comfortable atmosphere in comparison to the stereotypical office you would picture. During this weekI researched about the history on the building which made the place more exciting and unique than just staring at cubicle partitions all day. Not only did the place itself make me feel less stressed about working here, but the team also made me feel very welcome and are incredibly lovely people. As well as being very hard workers, they were also experts in making drinks! Even when I was sat in my little corner smashing through the work they always included me in conversations and offered me many drinks – which I have since learnt is a vital part of the work day as you cannot sit and write without a cup of tea in your hand.

This week I did a range of tasks, including social media planning and research. I investigated the differences between different social media platforms and how a company should portray themselves in order to remain professional. I also looked at national days which the office could celebrate to make the work day a little more interesting. For research I looked at the hatting industry in Stockport and the different companies which SG represent; due to doing all this I managed to understand more about what the actual construction industry entails – aiding me in my effort to make my way through the maze.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my week at Smith Goodfellow and I hope to have made a good impression through the confidence which I have built up over the days.

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