The SG office has been emptied ready for refurbishment.

What’s next for Smith Goodfellow?

By Jen Heil | April 27, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we’re reaching the end of our 40th year of business already – and what a strange year it’s been! The tumult of the past 12 months has thrown unexpected challenges our way but we’ve survived and thrived through it all and we’re now looking to the future.

Our grand plans for celebrating SG’s 40th birthday were slightly derailed by the pandemic but we still managed to mark the occasion in a myriad of different ways:

  • We hosted a Zoom party to celebrate with our clients, suppliers and friends.
  • We launched a new collection of free PR and marketing resources to support other businesses.
  • We embarked on a challenge to carry out 40 good deeds.
  • We launched our monthly Industry Insights series which has been brilliantly received.
  • We sent celebratory care packages to our team (including much sought-after hand sanitiser!!)
  • We partnered with the NBS for a Marketing Masterclass for Manufacturers and with Built Environment Networking for a local Stockport Development Plans event.

This time last year we were working hard to stay optimistic and find new ways to serve our clients and keep our small business running in a suddenly uncertain climate. We’ll admit that there was a brief period when we wondered whether we’d make it to our 41st birthday but, in true SG style, our team pulled out all the stops and proved their worth a hundred times over. By coming up with innovative solutions to immediate problems and exercising every creative and strategic muscle we have, we were able to not only retain every single one of our existing clients – despite their own challenging circumstances and financial pressures – but to also attract new business. In fact, we’ve now attracted so much new business that we’re expanding our team!

We’ll be kicking off our 41st year in style by welcoming a new PR and Communications Apprentice to the SG family and we couldn’t be more excited! Watch out for next month’s blog when we’ll be introducing him properly.

We’ve also been busy behind the scenes gearing up for this next phase of Smith Goodfellow’s journey. Over the years, we’ve always prioritised our clients first and foremost – which is, of course, as it should be. But this has sometimes meant that we’ve not had as much capacity or energy to invest in our own development. As we move into this next phase of growth, we’re pleased to be able to use some of our expanded capacity to help the SG brand flourish further.

At the moment, work is underway at the SG Office to give it a refresh, reorganise and reboot ready to (hopefully) welcome the team back in towards the end of June. They’ve done a fantastic job working from home, but it just isn’t the same when you want to bounce creative ideas around, and we can’t wait to all be together again.

We’re going to be slowly rolling out our new art direction, which we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to! (If you’re signed up to our newsletter, you’ll already have had a sneak peek – if you’re not, sign up at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out!) We’re also focusing on making sure that our core ethos and values are carried through in everything we do, by:

  • Completing an overhaul and rewrite of our internal policies to ensure they are inclusive and reflect our culture;
  • Completing an internal impact audit, looking at our sustainability and social responsibility goals, progress and next steps; and
  • Bringing our communications processes in line with the CCPI, to better support the industries we serve.

We also want to be as transparent as possible about how we work and how we’re improving our business practices, so you can expect to see some new areas of the website popping up over the coming months where we’ll be sharing our key policies and roadmaps.

We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come over the last 40 years – and these last 12 months in particular – and it feels like there are exciting times ahead. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our team, our clients, our friends and family and our lovely business networks for being part of our journey so far. Here’s to the next 40 years of Smith Goodfellow!

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