Meet Owen Rowbotham

Hi Owen! What’s in your mug?

Tea with varying amounts of milk/sugar depending on the day.

So what brought you to SG?

I started as a digital marketing apprentice back in 2017. Before this I was enrolled in a dead-end college course that I knew wasn’t for me – I eventually decided to drop out and search for an apprenticeship. Two years later and I’m still part of the team but in a very different role.

What’s a typical day/week in your role?

One of the best things about my job is that I don’t have a typical day or even week. One week I could be working on the wireframe of a new site and then next I might be designing press packs.

You have been really keen to pick up new types of work and have really carved out a role for yourself within the SG team. Are there any areas of expertise you would like to branch out into in the future?

Yes definitely, but I don’t want to pick up just one ‘style’ of work. If you’ve got a specific creative style it sets boundaries for what you can and cannot do. In my view, parameters should be for brands, not people.

Who inspires you in terms of design?

I’m inspired by quite a few people, and will always admire the work of Paul Smith, Peter Saville, Kate Moross and Sam Burgess-Johnson. But recently I’ve been more motivated by designers who are using their talent as a force for good. Clive Russell is one of the designers who branded the Extinction Rebellion movement which served as a massive wake-up call to the creative industry to act on the climate crisis.

How have you found working within the SG team in general?

I’ve really enjoyed working as part of a smaller team. In larger teams, it’s much harder to get really invested and truly excited about the end goal whatever that may be, and there’s always a risk of too many cooks spoiling the broth. There’s none of that here.

Describe yourself at work in three words

Cool, creative & collected.

Definitely motivated! Describe yourself at home in three words

Clumsy, chaotic definitely not collected.

Any songs/albums on repeat at the moment?

People by The 1975

Live Well by Palace

Lovesong by The Cure


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