Meet Owen Rowbotham

Hi Owen! What’s in the mug?

Tea with varying amounts of milk/sugar depending on the day!

You’re not far off the end of your course now but what made you decide to get an apprenticeship with Smith Goodfellow?

I’d never heard of PR and marketing until a couple of years ago- it seemed a really distant and inaccessible industry for any high-school leaver. After being introduced to my high school’s own PR and marketing agency, I was really excited by what they did. They gave me a couple of contacts to get myself an apprenticeship, which would fast-track me into the industry. I found Arch Apprenticeships based in Manchester who setup my interview with SG.  And after a couple of interviews, I was part of the team.

What’s a typical day/week in your role like?

Hard question. No week is ever really the same, but it almost always involves a mix of social media, brand and digital marketing.

You have been really keen to pick up new types of work and have really carved out a role for yourself within the SG team. Are there any areas of expertise you would like to branch out into in the future?

Yes definitely, but I don’t want to pick up a ‘style’ of work. If you’ve got a creative style it just sets boundaries for what you can and cannot do. In my view, parameters should be for brands not people. I’d like to get most disciplines under my belt and right now I’m focused on mastering my type and front-end design skills.

Who inspires you in terms of design?

I’m inspired by quite a few people, but I’d say I’m most motivated by people who disrupt others or whose work is instantly recognisable. To name a few I’d have to say Peter SavilleKate MorossPaul Smith, Samuel Burgess-Johnson and Finn Harries.

How have you found working within the SG team in general?

I’ve really enjoyed working as part of a smaller team. In larger teams, it’s much harder to get really invested and truly excited about the end goal, and there’s always a risk of too many cooks spoiling the broth. There’s none of that here.

Describe yourself at work in three words

Curious, motivated and creative.

Definitely motivated! Describe yourself at home in three words

Friends. Music. Gigs.

Any songs/albums on repeat at the moment?

I’ve got the old Arctic Monkeys classic ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ on repeat at the moment. I don’t think I go a day without listening to a 1975 track too.


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