Meet Luna Heil

Hi Luna! So how have you found being the only four-legged employee at Smith Goodfellow? What’s your favourite bit?

Adjusting to office life has been an interesting experience for me. I’m far busier when I am in the office than at any other time – always on my feet, rushing from one task to the next. It’s a real change being on my feet all day, as when I’m not in the office I spend most of my time sleeping. I love office life, though! It’s hard to choose my favourite bit but it would probably either be when I am able to motivate the whole team away from their desks for play and belly rubs or when the recycling bins are full of lovely paper for me to shred. I do enjoy shredding.

What does a typical day in your role as Motivation & Wellbeing Manager look like?

I always like to start my day with a few (dozen) laps around the office. This lets me check on the whole team, make sure they haven’t forgotten the belly rubs protocol and generally remind them that they should be paying attention to me at all times; it’s vital they stay motivated and they can’t do that if they are looking at those strange boxes on their desks rather than at me. The rest of the day will inevitably include some focused shredding, which I try to spread around the office in order to demonstrate best shredding practice to the team. I also like to frequently remind the team of my presence – they are so easily distracted by those glowing boxes – by repeating the morning’s laps, conducting thorough checks under all the desks, and bringing the team various tools to aid concentration, such as my own rubber bone or blanket. I will occasionally indulge in a little lie down if it has been a particularly busy day.

Describe yourself at work in three words

Energetic. Entertaining. Excitable.

Describe yourself at home in three words

Endearing. Exuberant. Ebullient.

What would be your personal motto?

If it runs away, chase it: if it runs towards you, run away.

If you could be anywhere other than here right this minute where would you be?

Probably running in my favourite place: Lyme Park.

Are there any strings you would like to add to your bow, any areas of expertise you would like to branch out into?

I would be interested in further developing my skills in the chase and capture of squirrels and birds. I am extremely fast but they seem to have some expertise which has so far eluded me; I am determined to continue my hard work and one day hope to match their speed and cunning. I am sure the team will help me in this goal: they are very supportive of my running when I practice it in the office and they will sometimes chase me so I can get into the mindset of my competition.

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