Meet Kelly Oldham

Hi Kelly! What’s in your mug?

Strong tea with soya milk is my most frequent drink (although hot chocolate or gingerbread coffee are my treats!)

You’ve been at SG over four years now, and your role has changed considerably in that time. What’s your story?

I actually came to SG through Paul, our Director. I worked with him as a volunteer and a youth worker with Stockport Youth Services when he was a manager there. I later moved on to adolescent mental health as a nursing assistant but, after an injury four years in, I left. At the time I’d been working on an Open University BA (hons) degree in English Language and Literature and I wanted my career to reflect these interests. I contacted Paul for a reference and I found out he had moved from Youth Services to run his own business with his wife, Cathy, here at SG. He invited me to interview for the Office Co-ordinator position, which involved bookkeeping, office management and SG social media.

Two years into working at SG, I completed my degree and was thrilled to achieve a 2:1! As part of my career development, I began to move away from bookkeeping and office management and more into a digital and account management role. Whilst I’m certainly settled here, I still enjoyed studying with OU, so I’m starting a Masters in Creative Writing in October 2019.

SG is where you belong! So, what does your role as ‘Digital Media Manager’ entail?

My main responsibilities now include overseeing digital output for our clients, including website amends and copy, social media plans, content strategies, and analytics. I also manage a couple of client accounts. We tend to work on most accounts as a team though so, whilst we are responsible for keeping tabs on where work is up to, we assist with work for other clients too. As part of my digital role, I also supervised our digital executive, Owen, during his apprenticeship training.

In your opinion, what makes a good digital campaign?

Clear (but realistic) targets! If we know what our client wants to get out of it, it’s easier to tailor content accordingly, in addition to being able to customise reports so they are much more helpful. Being able to demonstrate value through these reports is so important for our clients, particularly since they often need to present this information to boards involved in deciding budget spend.

Are there any areas of expertise you are looking to branch out into?

Data analysis to assist with the development of greater insights when measuring campaign success.

Your job requires you to be glued to screens a lot of the time, how do you like to escape?

I’m well known for lots of walking! I like to get away to spend time just moving, exploring parks or woodland, getting some fresh air… or I trade in the screen for a book or two.

Describe yourself at work in three words

“Approachable despite face” (apparently, I have a very intense concentration face which makes the team worried I am furious at an email they just sent me).
Do I have to be serious? How about: Focused, approachable, observant?

Describe yourself at home in three words

Curious, dreamer, adventurer.

We would definitely agree with adventurer- you’re well known in the office for being a bit of a dabbler! What hobbies are you up to these days?

I believe we should embrace curiosity as this helps us grow as people. I’ve boxed, joined hiking groups, been foraging, ran a marathon and an ultra marathon (100km over 2 days), wobbled my way through beginner acrobalance and ballet classes, booked on group holidays such as Sri Lanka, cried my way through bootcamps, eaten my way through baking classes… I’ve recently taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in addition to weight training and running drills with a PT. I will also be picking back up some of the more fun classes like a tumble course (kind of like beginner’s stunt work) and aerial. There may well be a stunt work shop and an Ironman at some point in the future… Travelling is my jam though, when I get chance to. I’m especially excited about spending Halloween in Transylvania!

Wow! What advice do you have for keeping so driven?

Don’t let fear hold you back. I particularly love the quote ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’.

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