Meet Jenny Heil

Hi Jen! What’s in your mug?

It’s a cappuccino for me!

So, what brought you to SG?

After many years working in formal and informal education settings (with brief forays into performing arts), I was ready for a change of pace and a new challenge. I had increasingly been pursuing writing in my spare time and had carried out some freelance work for Smith Goodfellow. So, when an opportunity opened up to join them full time, I jumped at the chance!

What’s a typical day/week in your role like?

There really is no ‘typical day’ in this office! I spend most of my time writing case studies or blogs and contributing to creative exploration work for our clients. The days are really varied and, as well as carrying out client work, I’m becoming increasingly involved in Smith Goodfellow’s business development which is really exciting.

Describe yourself at work in three words

Calm. Organised. Creative.

Describe yourself at home in three words

Reflective. Artistic. Curious.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

My happy place is curled up with a good book! I spend a lot of time writing content for my personal blog or for the local mental health not-for-profit I am involved in. I can even occasionally be found editing the novel I wrote but which has been sorely neglected since I finished the first draft… I also spend too much time on Instagram, love going for walks with my dog and husband, or vegging out in front of a great film or TV series.

Are there any strings you would like to add to your bow, any areas of expertise you would like to branch out into?

I love learning so am always looking to develop my skills and knowledge in anything that might be useful. I’m particularly interested in growing my creative skill-set and my understanding of using social media for business.

If you could be anywhere other than here, where would you be?

In a bookshop or talking to friends over really great food!

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