Meet Jenny Heil

Hi Jen! What’s in your mug?

It’s a cappuccino for me!

So, what brought you to SG?

After many years working in formal and informal education settings (with brief forays into performing arts), I was ready for a change of pace and a new challenge. I had increasingly been pursuing writing in my spare time and had carried out some freelance work for Smith Goodfellow. So, when an opportunity opened up to join them full-time, I jumped at the chance! Over the last few years, I’ve been privileged to have the space to carve out a new role for myself within the business, moving from delivery of client work to overseeing business development and supporting our team internally. It’s an ever-changing experience and I absolutely love it!


What excites you about working in construction PR?

I never would have imagined myself developing such a passion for the built environment but the longer I work with this industry the more I come to appreciate just how exciting and full of opportunity it is! It’s a really interesting time for construction and associated sectors with lots of big regulatory changes, as well as a huge shift in consciousness around things like the climate crisis and social justice. Often, these things get relegated to tick box exercises within the planning process but, for me, pulling out those stories and really being able to celebrate the value that the built environment can deliver is a wonderful thing to be part of! It’s inspiring to see a new product come to market or a new project come to life and to be able to help communicate the enormous benefits they bring to people and planet. I feel like the world is facing some momentous challenges at the moment and that our built environment can provide myriad solutions – what could be more exciting that being part of that?!


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