Meet James Gee

Hi James! What’s in your mug?

Any time before lunch is a flat white with an unhealthy amount of coffee shots, anything after is a calming tea to sail through the day.


So, what brought you to SG?

After a short while freelancing, focusing on design proposals, brand creations, written content and a dab of everything in between, I’d never seen a team like the one at Smith Goodfellow. Sure, there’s probably gigs for any-old-brand with enough incentives to sweeten the stress, but never before had I met such an amazing group of people where I felt I could learn and develop like never before. As my official title “Junior Account Executive” would suggest, I have the privilege of working alongside some super talented humans (and a dog or two) to bring brands, visions and ethics to life. Built on top of my role is a super exciting Diploma in PR and Communications, allowing me to compile some tangible knowledge and experience in this exciting, dynamic environment.

Working shot
A working photo

What excites you about the future?

I cannot wait for the day when we all live, work, socialise, exercise, adventure, travel and whatever else with no lasting impact on the things and people around us. Be it the silence of electric cars whistling by every street corner, the new materials that will form the walls and spaces around us, the way we heat and light the spaces we call home – to truly live in a way of little impact on anyone or anything is what I want to help built. Oh and spaceships. Because of course.

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