A shovel in the ground at a local tree planting event.

Smith Goodfellow begins a series of ‘Monthly Mends’.

By James Gee | January 9, 2023

Smith Goodfellow embarks on Monthly Mends, an initiative to highlight the changes made, big and small, to reduce our impact on the environment and reinforce more sustainable behaviours.

In the year ahead, a monthly social media series will help to highlight the work being done around the office and the local area to make the world around us a better place, one action at a time. Following pledges made in our 2021 Impact Report, the team at Smith Goodfellow aims not just to make positive change, but accurately and usefully talk about the experiences of an SME, in the hope of helping other businesses both locally and across the UK to make the first steps on their sustainability journey.

Lean more about our sustainability drive on our website, and look out for Monthly Mends on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.