Media Relations

Relationships drive our profession, and we work hard to build those relationships with all the lovely media people we deal with on a daily basis.  Regular editor meetings keep us up to speed with what’s going on with the magazines and help us to understand what the readers want, both in print and online.

In turn this means that we are often approached by editors and asked to provide material, because they know that we understand the market, that  we provide good copy and that we can be trusted to give their readers material that is relevant to them.

Smith Goodfellow has identified and co-ordinated superb editorial for RICS Building Control journal.

Jan Ambrose, Editor, RICS Building Control journal.

As well as content, the provision of high quality photography is just as important in achieving coverage.  We liaise with all parties to get the best shots of projects, and the results can sometimes be seen gracing the front covers of the publications we deal with.
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