Our Work

What is it that makes you to stand out from the crowd?  At Smith Goodfellow PR we help you to tell your story loud and clear.


Press releases, articles, newsletters, literature; you name it, we love writing it. If you’d like to see some examples visit our Blog page to see our latest client news.

Award Entries

What better way to tell the world how good your business, product or service is than by winning an Award?  We’re very good at preparing winning entries.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest — it’s a digital jungle out there. So we find what works for you, then help you manage it.

Media Relations

We get to know the editors who matter most to your business, and we get your stories in print, not to mention the occasional front cover.


Your window on the world, and probably your single most important tool; we’ll make sure you get it right.

Video, Animation And Photography

People love to watch film. If you don’t know where to start, we can help — it’s easier than you might think.

Public Consultation

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with a variety of stakeholders about projects and developments. We have the experience to smooth the process and enable win-win situations.

Issues Management

Bad stuff happens, and when it does you need to be able to deal with it.  Having the right communications at the right time can help to prevent a bad situation turning into a crisis, and can protect your valuable reputation.


The best advocates are satisfied clients and contacts.  We have worked with some brilliant people over the years, and some have come back to us after changing companies. Our longest standing client has been with us for over fifteen years.  We’d like to think that speaks for itself.