Introducing the newest member of the SG family – James!

By Jen Heil | July 22, 2021

We’re a small and close-knit team here at SG but we’re also a growing family and we’re always excited to welcome new members. Back at the beginning of May, we brought on board a new PR & Communications Assistant and we think it’s about time you met him! 

James comes to us after having knocked our socks off with some impressive freelance work, through which he demonstrated a passion for communicating sustainability (one of our favourite things) and a keen knack for in depth research (another favourite!). Having been working as a freelancer in a range of roles, including copywriting, design, branding and web building, he’s now joined SG to support the delivery of our client work in house. He’ll be working closely with our Account Directors to plan and deliver PR and marketing activity across our client portfolio, as well as supporting our own business development. You can be sure we’ll be putting his awesome creativity to work as well! 

With all the talent and enthusiasm James is bringing to the team, we want to make sure we’re giving him the best possible start to his PR career. Which is why we’re thrilled to be supporting him to complete a level 4 apprenticeship and Diploma in PR & Communications, delivered by the PRCA. James already feels like part of the furniture here (even more impressive since we’re not back in the office yet!) and we’re excited to see how he develops in this role. 

We asked him to write something to introduce himself and you can read what he had to say below.  


Straight from the apprentice’s keyboard 

Hi, I’m James! I could drone on to you about what I do or what I’ve done but I’d rather share with you a bit about what motivates me and what I want to be part of achieving here at SG.  

If freelancing has taught me anything at all, it’s that many people operating in the professional world are extremely short term in their focus. But who can blame them? Everything’s week-to-week, there’s always another deadline looming and, often, progress towards short term objectives are easier to demonstrate, right? 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

One thing I hope to help communicate with SG is sustainability. Ugh not that word again. Green this, green that, reduction, capture, it could all easily send you into a bore. But there’s so much more to sustainability than this.  

Think about it: ‘sustainability’ is simply the ability for something to be sustained. The blinkered approach of ‘sod people and the planet for some cash’ isn’t going to last forever, is it? Having a balance between people, planet and profit is not just a way forward, nor is it just the right way forward – but the only way forward. 

Imagine these aspects as three separate pools. As we neglect one it slowly empties and dries up. If we pour all our focus into another it fills and fills – the abundance seems positive at first but soon it’s overflowing and damaging what’s around it. We end up in a constant mess of supplementing one with another after the fact, when if we could just keep all levels healthy from the outset, we’d have more time and energy to collaborate, to innovate and to thrive, and all three pools can be enjoyed. 

Now this isn’t some crazed, open ended rant – it’s actually the sole reason I’m here. Smith Goodfellow work with some of the largest players in the construction industry and want to craft a world and a marketplace that doesn’t neglect truth and people for a quick profit. As an industry, it’s no secret that construction is a significant polluter of all sorts of nasty stuff and has an important role to play in creating an environmentally sustainable world. It’s also an industry with the position and power to engineer and build things that keep people and planet safe, supporting social sustainability and protecting the world for future generations. Doing and communicating this work the right way from step one is the only way forward. 

We must be sensitive in the next few years, as what can first seem logical can often be hurtful to the most vulnerable in society. My job as an individual is to help educate and communicate with the wider world in a transparent and honest way. We also have to spread excitement about the incredible opportunities ahead, as we strive for equity, diversity and sustainability at all levels of work. 

So that’s me. SG’s new PR and Communications Assistant – always learning and always listening. There are exciting times ahead. 

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