Communicating Construction: An Essential New Resource for Construction PR

By Jen Heil | March 19, 2021

Communicating Construction, co-edited by Liz Male and Penny Norton, is a new book offering a wide-ranging exploration of PR and communications in the construction industry. Published by Routledge on 2nd March, it draws insight and reflections on best practice from a range of industry experts, with a strong emphasis on communications theory, strategy and technique.

The book sheds new light on the challenges of practicing within the highly specialised construction field, offering a broad perspective on the present needs and future opportunities. It opens with an overview of the UK construction sector and its supply chains, as well as various elements of PR in relation to the construction process. Subsequent chapters provide strategic tips, practical examples, success stories, case studies and personal perspectives on PR for different parts of the built environment and reputational issues in construction. In closing, the editors examine the current and upcoming reputational priorities for communicators in the industry.

In speaking about the inspiration behind the book, Liz Male explained:

“Construction is a powerful engine that drives the UK economy and shapes our future. The infrastructure, spaces and places it creates hugely influence our quality of life, and I fundamentally believe that effective communication is the catalyst for improved outcomes for both the sector and the communities it serves. The timing is perfect. This book aims to show how good PR practice in different parts of the supply chain, and particularly the use of PR and communications as a strategic management discipline, can help us to genuinely build back better.”

At a virtual launch event hosted by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Construction and Property group, CAPSIG, Male reflected on the last year and how its challenges have highlighted “the vital importance of having professional communicators at the heart of the construction eco-system”. Cathy Barlow, contributing author and Managing Director of specialist construction PR firm – Smith Goodfellow, summarised the project as a “labour of love” noting that “communicating effectively in this arena has never been more important.”

Covering everything from construction products, architecture, contractors and infrastructure to how we talk about issues such as sustainability, Communicating Construction is essential reading for all construction PR practitioners and students. The book is available in both paperback and e-book format and can be ordered on Amazon or direct from Routledge.

You can contact Liz, Penny or Cathy about the book or any other queries on PR support for construction industry professionals using the details below:

Liz Male —, tel. 07778 778361

Penny Norton —, tel. 01480 471000

Cathy Barlow —, tel. 0161 4771415

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