Once upon a time, Smith Goodfellow PR was founded by three people who wanted to give the construction industry the very best public relations service they could have.  Brian Smith, Jill Smith and David Goodfellow started out in 1980 with nothing more than their expertise in marketing and PR, great contacts in the trade and media, and a vision.

Thirty years later the business was still going strong, and Jill and Brian, satisfied that they had provided a worthwhile legacy, were ready to pass the baton on to their trusted successors, Cathy Barlow and her partner Paul, who took the company over in 2010.

Cathy and Paul have worked hard ever since to uphold the principles of professionalism, excellent communication services and strong relationships that are the cornerstones of the Smith Goodfellow ethos.

As for what happened to Mr Goodfellow? Well, that is a mystery…..


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