SG Supports the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Smith Goodfellow are proud to be part of the movement for good employment in the Greater Manchester region.

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Find our about our journey to becoming a more sustainable business

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Is the climate crisis a communications issue?

For years we've had the tools and technologies to fight the climate crisis - so is it now a communications issue?

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Communicating Construction

Public relations, marketing and creative communications for the construction industry.

A Moveable Feast

Explore our flexible service offering.

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It's All About The People

Meet the team

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Welcome to

Smith Goodfellow

Fusing the traditional principles of PR with modern digital strategies, we have been providing the construction, manufacturing and industrial sectors with an expert public relations and marketing service since 1980. From crafting technical content to outside-the-box creativity, everything we do is underpinned by our true passion for the built environment and the inspiring clients we work with.

Hello, how are you doing?

In these difficult times the world can feel scary and lonely. The SG team are now using hybrid working arrangements – there will always be someone in the office but various members of the team are working from home on certain days. Whether we’re in the office or working from home, as always, we are here to help, whether it’s through useful links and tips on our blog, helping you to keep channels of communication open with your stakeholders, getting ahead with some PR planning for next year, or simply being there to offer some advice. You can read our full contingency plan here.

Meanwhile, keep talking to us and stay safe.

The Principles We Live By – A Good Employer’s Journey

Through the history of human civilisation, there has always been some form of labour such as a community…

Good Employment Charter 2023

Smith Goodfellow Commits to Excellence as a ‘Good Employment Charter’ Member

The Charter is a voluntary scheme which demonstrates a commitment to achieving excellence in workplace standards, underpinned by…

Smith Goodfellow begins a series of ‘Monthly Mends’.

A shovel in the ground at a local tree planting event.
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